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A 4-week immersion-emersion journey for men

Who Am I, What Am I Doing, And Where Am I Going?

During this 4-week journey we will explore these 3 fundamental life questions, and find answers to them, so we can become more conscious, confident, and present in our relationships and lives.

We will be using many forms of exploration and enquiry resources and techniques, including conversation, journaling, art, games, psychotherapy, emotional release, affirmations, and biography work.

Adrian has been involved in men’s work for almost 30 years. He is an experienced facilitator, counsellor, and psychotherapist, a father of 6 adult children (from a blended family), and loves to share, support, inspire, and encourage people to live life to the full.

Your investment for this 4-week immersion-emersion journey is $197 – It can be paid in 2 x instalments. 

Please click the link and send a message with your contact details and we will get back to you.

gold coast male support group

A 4-week immersion-emersion journey for men

A 2-hour online Zoom meeting, once a week, for 4-weeks

Starting on Monday 15th May

7.00 pm – 8.30 pm AEST


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MEN’s ​Relationship Education Program 

‘Line in the Sand’ (LITS)

This is our signature program. It has been created with over 100 years of combined experience, skills, and application by our dedicated Blue Wren team. It is unique and we feel proud and privileged to be able to offer to you.

This is about men taking some positive action and responsibility for their attitudes, beliefs, emotions, actions and behaviours. It is not always about making big changes, even learning to change small, often subtle things, can, and do, make a substantial difference.

The point is, something has to change, and the only one that can really make that change is the man willing to look at and explore his own, unique ‘Line in the Sand‘ – Each line is unique – each one specific to each person and each relationship – We all have one to look at – it’s just a matter of when?

This is why we do not dictate the terms. We facilitate a process where men come to explore what it is that needs to be changed for them and their relationship, and then make that decision themselves. Of course, we help, guide and support the men to get to this point, but ultimately, it is each man deciding his own course of action to make some positive changes in his relationships and life. This is very empowering for each man to do!

In these safe and professionally facilitated ‘Line in the Sand’ programs, men get to see and experience the power of this self-reflective process. It brings a greater understanding of their own relationship dynamics and gives each man a more skillful, communicative, harmonious and rewarding relationship.


men's counselling gold coast
Men's relationship counselling gold coast
gold coast male support group

Here are a few of the benefits:

*A full evaluation of yourself and where you are in your relationship
*Learn how to control your not so positive emotions
*Learn how to express your emotions safely
*Learn about how your actions and behaviours do impact on others
*Gain new speaking and listening communication skills
*Learn the Art of Stillness and Presence
*Gain new understandings about your feelings and emotions
*Gain new insights into why you do what you do
*Receive more personal empowerment and control in your life
*Achieve a more positive relationship with yourself
*Achieve a more positive relationship with your partner
*Know that you are much safer and nicer to be around 
*Know that your partner feels much more safe and secure
*Other men around you will honour you more
*Your partner, friends and family will be more at ease with you
*You will feel great in yourself and be able to walk with more pride
*You will be able to share your experience with other men
*It will give you so much more credibility as a ”better man’ and even a leader
*You will be part of a new and important movement
*You will have to opportunity to become an Advocate for the Blue Wren Foundation
*You will feel a great sense of achievement and pride by attending


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Enhance Your Relationship

A 6 week online course for men and women who would like more from their relationship.

Topics include:
Healthy Boundaries, Intimacy, Sexuality, Communication, Connection, and more …

Space for only 10 x couples.

Each week, for 6 weeks, we will meet on line (with Zoom) for 90 minutes and work towards enhancing your relationship using techniques, exercises, conversation, and ‘homework’.

I have been working with couples as a coach and counsellor for 20 years and am in a relationship myself. It’s my second marriage – with 18 years together. ​My first marriage was for 16 years.

The cost for the 6 weeks is $300 per couple.
Includes, couples work manual, and other downloads.

For those wanting them, private couples session with me during this 6 weeks are only $150 per session – Usually $190 for a 90-minute couples session.

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