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domestic violence support

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domestic violence support

Men Speaking

about their experience with the program & workshops

I was lucky enough to have completed the LITS program in November 2016, after going through several difficult events in my life. Adrian’s program was literally life changing in helping me open my eyes to the man I wanted to become and giving me the tools to be able to deal with different situations as they arise and being able to step back and see situations from different angles.

Adrian’s program taught me to have better relationships in my life, not only with others but myself and how to better deal with stress, anger, fatigue, anxiety and many other feelings that life throws up along with taking responsibility for my life.

I am grateful for the tools I have acquired and look forward to attending more programs in the future.
Stephen G

I believe by doing these weekends, it has lead me to a fuller and more satisfying life where I’m not afraid to express my feelings, hesitant yes but also cognizant of the fact that when expressed fully it has led to far deeper connections and a far more open and honest relationship.
To quote Emerson;
“To know even one life has breathed easier Because you have lived, This is the meaning of success.”
I wish Adrian all the best in the wonderful work he does.

Regards, Shane Long

Attended a LITS program held in Brisbane in May 2017.  This was the first program of this nature I have ever attended, at age 54. I was quite apprehensive and not sure what to expect.  The three day program was very intense and I was able to identify several key areas in my life that were negatively affecting my relationship and communication style with my wife and 11 year old son. 

Since completing the workshop with Adrian, I have been able to work on those aspects of my life and significantly enhance my relationship with my immediate family and my self.

Regards, Pete

I highly recommend the work of Adrian Hanks and the Blue Wren Foundation. This was a very professional weekend workshop holding a strong, compassionate, nurturing and challenging space for men to get clear about who they are within them selves and with in their relationships. 

For me, I gained a clearer understanding of the ways my relating style does not serve me or my relationship as well as how my strengths and gifts do make me good man growing better all the time. There is not a hint of blame or shame and I did not feel for one moment any negative judgement about who we are as men even though we were all guided to dive deep to tap into our inner world.

Rob Clark

After two Blue Wren ‘Line in the Sand’ programs, I have now committed to helping other families learn how to cultivate and maintain conscious and mindful relationships, and further stay on the path of growth and enlightenment. As member of the Blue Wren Advisory Board, I hope to further these goals. 

George Green